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FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 3:00am PST
on sunday between labor union shipping at ports from boston to houston, could be halted. insiders say a deal looks like a long shot. right now over 14,000 workers are threatening to strike at 14 major ports. you see them go all along the south and east coast. not only will a strike cause billions of dollars a day, it will force shipping costs to rise. things will be delayed coming in. right now the union is fighting for workers to be paid per shipping container, which comes out to a salary of $124,000 per year for each worker. >>> mother nature adding insult to injury to people still trying to recover from super storm sandy. many in sea bright, new jersey, was devastated down there, say this week's nor'easter was like being kicked while down. one homeowner picked what she could salvage from sandy in a container. she sadly discovered it flooded. >> i don't know what to do about that. i'll have to -- first of all, get it out and get it someplace and dry it out. >> juliet: i drove down there three weeks ago, i could not believe what i saw. about 150 out of the 300 people who live there stayed.
FOX News
Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm PST
with the houston symphony outside. cleveland pops. it's interesting when it's heiring in another country as it does we start to get facebook messages and fan mail from other countries when it's airing there. >> very cool. the audience will be happy to hear this afternoon you all get the texas tenor cd. free copy to everyone. here they are the texas it february nors performing white christmas. guys? ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ may your days be merry and bright ♪ and may all your christmases be white ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ where the treetops glisten ♪ and children listen ♪ to hear sleigh bells in the snow ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ with every christmas card i write ♪ may your days be merry and bright ♪ and may all your christmases be white ♪ ♪ ♪ and may all your christmases be white ♪ [cheers and applause] >> bill o'reilly quizes steve every week on the factor. coming up, steve is going to turn the tables on bill. so how much does o'reilly really know about chr
FOX News
Dec 25, 2012 3:00am PST
have talked about the biggest tonch torn outbreak. houston to alabama and any place in between. watch that closely . >> thoo is frustrating if you are trying to travel get to your family. you want to be home. >> you need to be safe more than anything . >> if you have an option of going to a basement or not, choose the one with the basement. could be dead leaf large tornados. >> it might be the start of new biwrar christmas celebrations. it is in twitter this morning. there are odd christmas tradition this morning. odd christmas tradition in the world. going out to japan, it is so normal that kfc is so popular that people go to kfc for christmas they have to make reservations weeks in advance. >> i can't imagine. i believe we ought to exsport. >> ileave mince pie and guinness for santa. >> that's why he forgot to wrap the presents. >> and in venezuela, they skate to church. >> roller skate. >> they move to the rollerblades or have the double wheels. >> there is no speed limit there. you can pass all you want. >> any odd traditions to do? >> i think in a lot of places in america we have
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 3:00am PST
a live report from houston in the bottom of the hour. stay tuned for that . dozens of people singing "amazing grace" last night as they remember the two firefighters murded in webster, new york. ♪ i once was lost, but now i am found. >> the community coming together to honor these two men. they were shot and killed in an excon's christmas eve bash. we are hearing from the firefighters who survived the attack. the joint statement offered the pair gratitude for all of the prayers. doctors upgraded their conditions to satisfactory. it is a long step of healing for the people in newtown, connecticut. all of the flowers and letters and photoin new ton will be soil and blocks to be used in a foundation of a future memorial. it was senator daniel inouyhe's last wish. for colleen handbusa to be. >> i made the appointment for the state of schatz is flying to washington with president obama he is expected to be sworn in later. those are the headlines for you. >> clayton: we'll talk the scal cliff. today is the twenth. a few days left for congress and the president to get their act together.
FOX News
Dec 24, 2012 3:00am PST
weather across the south. from houston, towards atlanta toward macon and the panhandle of florida, threat for severe weather. but the bull peace's eye, where you see the red, potentially dealing with a threat tomorrow for large tornado, destructive tornadoes on christmas day. if you're in the south, have a weather radio. when you're getting christmas plans ready, keep an eye outside. it could be a deadly and dangerous day tomorrow on christmas. >> gretchen: okay. it's time to bring in donald trump who usually joins us every morning, the author of "time to get tough." a merry christmas to you, donald. >> good morning. you, too. >> gretchen: you sound like you just got up. >> no. i've been up for a long time. i've been watching your show. actually i've been watching your show for the last hour. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> clayton: is there anything that stands out to you as excellent from the show? >> i think the folks running the snow show are doing a brilliant job. [ laughter ] >> rick: nice try fishing for that. >> gretchen: let's talk about -- let's get off the topic of the anc
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 3:00am PST
an emergency landing. united flight was heading from houston to newark, new jersey . a latest problem happening on the same day regulators ordered inspections for the jets for a possible fue line problem. intelligence director james clapper upon will testify behind closed doors about the attack on benghazi that left four americans dead. it was initially referred to al-qaida. revised talking points were used by susan rice who blamed the video. >> she lived 116 years and 100 days. besse cooper passed away and died peacefully in monroe, georgia. cooper was born in 1896 in tennessee and moved to georgia in world war i to be a teacher. what was the secret to her long life. she minded her own business and avoided junk food. >> brian: was not upset we had the twinkie problem. >> steve: not a problem for her. yesterday we heard from the president of the united states . he sat down with bloomburg. >> brian: not michael. >> steve: the tv company and said you know, i saw that plan, that letter that boehner sent me and not going to do it even though it is the first time the republicans went on record sayin
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 3:00am PST
riveria. her jet was damaged in a crash in texas and registered to a company in houston. no one was hurt in that incident and friend and family and fans are holding a vig il. >> steve: we are hearing from the family of a british nurse that killed hears after putting through a prank call to kate hiddle ton's appearance-- middleton. >> they miss her every moment of every day . they are really grateful to the support of the british public and the public overseas for the messages and support and kindness. >> steve: as a result of the tragedy the australian radio team behind the call, the show was cancel prankk calls are banned on all shows on the channel . the radio station expected to give $500,000 to the nurse's family. >> eric: right to life places, there are no plates with the opinion available. they voted down pro option that said trust woman. the state attorney general has not decided whether to appeal. >> gretchen: the gird gird bidding adieu to his own country move nothing a new mansion in belg jum. he is taking flight from the president's plan to tax all incomes above 1.2 million at
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 3:00am PST
, check this out. two thieves learning a painful lesson while trying to rob a church in houston. they tried grabbing the electric cable, likely for its copper. and set off this explosion. cops say these guys won't be hard to find. their injuries should be a give away. those are your headlines. what will their injuries be? burn marks? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> steve: yeah. near electrocution. although the theft of copper wire is pretty rampant because cop service quite valuable these days. >> brian: ten minutes after the hour. you've seen this picture on fox news channel over and over begun, steven crowder getting punched over and over again. but are the other networks covering the union violence out of michigan? we'll and the facts next. >> steve: then does she look like a terrorist to you? a little girl brought to tears by the airport people wanna see me get some great deals? ok! it's a new way to get cash back deals and it's called bankamerideals. i sign in to my online banking... click the "cash back deals" tab... and pick the deals i want. just use my bank of america debit
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)